Learning Modules

You can pick from the following list of learning modules. Either click the icon to access the first page of the module, or click "View Table of Contents" and select a page you would like to start on.

Icon representing the Searching Using Keywords and Boolean Logic module. A person looking at his computer screen. On the screen, there are the words "Keywords:" and "Search".

Searching Using Keywords and Boolean Logic
Learn about Boolean operators and other tips and tricks to be a more efficient researcher.

Icon representing the Using CanLII module. A person sitting at a computer. The screen on the computer shows the words "CANLII".

Using CanLII
CanLII, the Canadian Legal Information Institute, is a not-for-profit organization which supports permanent open access to Canadian law.

Icon representing the Ontario Legislation module. A person holding a book with a the silhouette of the Ontario province and the word "Ontario" written on it.

Ontario Legislation
How does a bill progress through the House of Commons? Where are federal laws published? Learn about the process of making and creating federal laws and regulations.