1. Introduction to Secondary Sources

2. Textbooks

3. Legal Encyclopedias

4. Government Documents

5. Legal Dictionaries

Secondary Sources – Using the CED

Sometimes you will have a research topic that does not clearly fall under one of the established subject titles.

STEP 1: Consult the Index or Contents Key

By this time, you should have an idea of the legal issues and topics involved in your research problem.

Fig 1.1 The CED Index: List of Titles

A photo of the list of titles.

Fig 1.2 The CED Index: Subject Titles, Paragraphs, and Sections

A photo of the subject titles, paragraphs and sections.

STEP 2: Consult the Main Work

Fig 2.1 Volume 14 of the CED: Gifts

A photo of volume 14.

Fig 2.2 Gifts: The Main Text

A photo of the main text.

STEP 3: Update using the Supplement Pages

Fig 3.1 Volume 14 of the CED: Supplement to Gifts

A photo of the supplements.

And that's it!