1. Introduction to Secondary Sources

2. Textbooks

3. Legal Encyclopedias

4. Government Documents

5. Legal Dictionaries

Secondary Sources – Using Halsbury's Laws of Canada

STEP 1: Consult the Consolidated Index

Fig 1.1 Halsbury's Laws of Canada: Companion Guide and Consolidated Index

Photo of the cover of Halsbury's Laws of Canada

Fig 1.2 Consolidated Index: "Gifts”

Photo of the Consolidated Index of Halsbury's Laws of Canada

STEP 2: Locate the Information using the Title Identifier and Paragraph Number

Fig 2.1 Halbury's Laws of Canada: "Personal Property and Secured Transactions”

Photo of the Personal Property and Secured Transactions section of Halsbury's Laws.

Fig 2.2 HPS-78: Donatio Mortis Causa

Photo of the Donatio Mortis Causa section of Halsbury's Laws.

STEP 3: Use the Cumulative Supplement to Update your Info

Fig 3.1 Halsbury's Laws of Canada: Cumulative Supplement

Photo of the Cumulative Supplement section of Halsbury's Laws of Canada.

Fig 3.2 Cumulative Supplement: General Table of Contents

Photo of the Cummulative Supplement's Table of Contents in Halsbury's Laws of Canada.