1. Introduction to Secondary Sources

2. Textbooks

3. Legal Encyclopedias

4. Government Documents

5. Legal Dictionaries

Secondary Sources – Locating Law Reform Commission Reports

In most law libraries, law commission reports are categorized by subject and call number and shelved with textbooks and treatises; however, older reports are sometimes only available in microform format.

At the Brian Dickson Law Library, law reform commission reports are shelved in the FTX General section on the 5th floor.

The most effective way to locate relevant law reform reports is by conducting a hybrid author/subject search using the library catalogue.

Fig 4.1 Hybrid Search Technique used to Locate Relevant Law Reform Reports

Fig 4.2 Search Results

A screenshot of the Library Network Catalogue's search results page

Locating Other Government Documents

Aside from law reform commission reports, there are a number of other types of government documents that have both legal and policy-related relevance.

But, for the most part, a wide variety of government legal resources are available online and through the law library.