1. Introduction to Secondary Sources

2. Textbooks

3. Legal Encyclopedias

4. Government Documents

5. Legal Dictionaries

Secondary Sources – Legal Dictionaries & Books of Words and Phrases

As you may have already noticed, the common law has a vocabulary all of its own.

Luckily, there are resources that will help you grasp and understand the legal language.

A caricature-type comic. It contains a group of people looking at a child in a crib. The caption reads: "We've decided that it will be better for his later development if we speak to him only in legalese." It can be found at: http://cartoonbank.com/assets/1/125557_m.gifA caricature-type comic. It contains a two men in an office. Of one the men is holding a piece of paper. The caption reads: "Send this back to the Legal Department. I think they could make it much more complicated than this..."