Journals and Periodicals – Navigating the Library's e-Journal Collection

Once you have located an article citation, either by using an index or through consulting other secondary sources, you can try to locate a full-text electronic version of the article by consulting the library's collection of "e-Journals”.

Fig 1.1 The Brian Dickson Law Library Homepage

Screenshot of the Brian Dickson Law Library's homepage.

Fig 1.2 Browsing and Searching the Library's Electronic Journal Collection

Screenshot of uOttawa Library's e-Journal search page.

EXAMPLE: For the purposes of the following, you have been referred to the article "The bell tolls for hydrocarbons: what's next?” written by Richard D. Cudahy, and published in volume 29:2 of the Energy Law Journal.

Fig 1.3 Selecting a Category

Screenshot of uOttawa Library's e-Journal search page's category section.

Fig 1.4 Journal Listings and Full-text Articles

Screenshot of uOttawa Library's e-Journal journal and full-text article listings.

Fig 1.5 HeinOnline

Screenshot of HeinOnline's website.

Fig 1.6 Volume 29 of the Energy Law Journal

Screenshot of Energy Law Journal's table of contents.

As you can see, the E-Journal collection is an efficient alternative to locating printed periodicals!