The Gazette E-zine and internal print bulletin is published biweekly for staff, faculty and anyone else who wants to know what's happening at the University of Ottawa – Canada's university.

The goal of the Gazette is to encourage positive information exchanges and foster a sense of pride about belonging to the University of Ottawa.

Editorial team and approach

The Gazette's editorial line-up includes campus news, successes of staff and faculty, feature stories and more. In short, the content in the Gazette promotes the values and achievements that make us Canada's university!

The editorial team welcomes story suggestions and contributions in French and English from all members of the immediate University community as well as feedback and comments. This publication is developed for you!

Editorial board

The Gazette editorial board, co-chaired by the editor and the director of the Communications Service, will meet once or twice a year to discuss the content found in the Gazette and the strategic direction of the publication. The board includes key faculty and staff members.

Editorial Schedule

(text and graphic items)
January 15 December 17, 2008
January 29 January 14
February 12 January 28
February 26 February 11
March 12 February 25
March 26 March 11
April 9 March 25
April 23 April 8
May 7 April 22
May 28 May 13
June 25 June 10
July 30 July 15
August 27 August 12
September 10 August 26
September 24 September 9
October 8 September 23
October 22 October 7
November 5 October 21
November 19 November 4
December 3 November 18
January 7 December 9, 2009