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David Sean

Ph.D. Candidate

M.Sc. Physics, University of Ottawa, 2010
B.Sc. Physics, University of Ottawa, 2006


Partially dentaured DNA moving through a gel
Generic project on constrained DNA (to be determined!)

I have been quite sedentary; my B.Sc. Honours project and M.Sc. were all done under the supervision of Gary Slater. I am now enjoying working on a Ph.D., studying DNA in constrained environments. Although I have yet to converge on a specific project, I plan on extending a DNA model developped in my previous M.Sc. studies (see the section on partially dentaured DNA moving through a gel).

I help manage the group's computers and tend to be the 'go-to' person for computer (especially Linux) related issues. I oddly find other peoples' computer challenges much more interesting than my own!

As a grad stdent with three awesome daughters, spare time tends to hover around zero (mostly on the negative side), but when I do decide to make 'spare time' I like fill it with by playing music or tinkering with whatever ends up broken in my house.


MSc Thesis 2010
Poster How does denatured DNA stop moving in a gel? APS March meeting 2009, Pittsburg

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