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The Slater group at the University of Ottawa has a number of active research areas including the examination of: electrophoretic separation techniques, DNA/polymer dynamics, applications of micro- and nanofluidic devices, biofilms and drug delivery systems. We apply a variety of theoretical and simulation methodologies (e.g., Molecular Dynamics, Brownian Dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations) to tackle a broad range of problems with direct applications to (for example) DNA sequencing technologies. The group also participates in a number of close collaborations which help foster both an active and dynamic research environment.

We study the dynamics of polymers and biopolymers in a variety of systems using methods from statistical physics as well as extensive large scale computer simulations. A major focus of our work is the development and optimization of new DNA separation techniques. We are modelling various electrophoretic separation techniques which are used to separate DNA molecules; in this regard we benefit from very close collaborations a number of experimental groups: Dr. Guy Drouin, Dr. Annelise Barron and Dr. Bernard Tinland. This work has direct applications in the very competitive field of genetics and biotechnology.

We also study the dynamics of polymers and macromolecules in porous systems, such as gels and membranes. Of particular interest are the effects of entropy on the (often non-linear) dynamics of flexible macromolecules in random environments. A number of other projects include: modelling biofilm growth, controlled release in drug delivery systems and novel methods for modelling diffusion in biological systems.

Our approach is to use computer simulations in concert with theoretical methods and simple analytical models, and to work very closely with experimentalists. This has proven to be most fruitful.

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