Constitutional Litigation

What is Constitutional Litigation?
Constitutional Litigation is an advanced seminar that develops skills for designing, researching and litigating constitutional cases. Constitutional Litigation teaches how to succeed in court. Seminar participants explore the essentials of successful litigation – good case design around a plausible and provable theory of the case.
Students inquire into the elements of good case design – from investigation of facts and selection of parties through to planning for effective remedies. Throughout, emphasis is on case design and litigation strategies that win in court.
What Skills Will You Learn in This Course?
At the conclusion of this course, you should be able to:
  • Plan for design and construct a constitutional case;
  • develop and assess evidence;
  • prepare persuasive pleadings and affidavits;
  • think strategically and tactically about how to advance constitutional issues and secure remedies; and
  • do in-depth, directed research.