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Programming the Lego NXT using Mathematica with Math4NXT

The Lego NXT is the latest programmable brick. It can be used to build Lego robots. It comes with many sensors and other sensors can be build from alternate sources. It can control up to three motors (either tachomotors or regular motors). Finally, it can communicate with a PC using a USB cable or a BlueTooth link.

The NXT brick with sensors and motors

Download area: Math4NXT package and related files

  • Math4NXT.m : The Mathematica package to control the NXT.
  • : The SerialIO package; better go to the Wolfram library archive (see Raguet-Schofield reference below).
  • MotorControl22.rxe : The PID controller for the motors from Atorf et al. (see reference below).

More documentation

Example files

Some references

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