Dr. Raahemi's current research interests include Data Mining and Machine Learning with their applications in Engineering, Healthcare and Business, Big Data Analytics, Information Systems and Technologies, and Data Communications Networks and Services.

He has established the KDD Laboratory at the University of Ottawa in 2006 where graduate students and researchers from multidisciplinary areas of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Systems Science, and E-Business Technologies conduct researches in the two main areas of:

  1. Data analytics, data mining, and machine learning with applications in engineering, business, and healthcare;
  2. Information systems, data communications networks and services.

In his Discovery Research program funded by NSERC since 2007, Dr. Raahemi explores innovative algorithms for feature engineering and analysis of the Internet data using bio-inspired and machine learning approaches. He investigates the competency of the proposed algorithms in two important applications in computer networking: (a) intrusion detection systems and anomaly detection for network security; and (b) protocol identification of the Internet traffic for resource allocation and quality of service assurance.

Dr. Raahemi has also led two separate researches, in collaboration with Giatech Inc. and Sensorsuit Inc., and supported by NSERC-Engage grants, to collect and store the data generated by wireless sensors on a cloud infrastructure, then manage and analyze the data using data mining and machine learning techniques to detect anomalies and explore hidden patterns in the data.

Dr. Raahemi and his team, in collaboration with the researchers at the Royal Ottawa Hospital, supported by the IBM Canada and MITACS, have undertaken an interesting project to analyze the EEG signals collected from patients with major depressive disorder to identify the brain bio-markers for diagnosis of depression.

In the project sponsored by the Institute for Clinical Evaluation Sciences and MITACS, Dr. Raahemi and his colleagues are currently investigating exploratory data analysis and predictive modelling to build risk prediction models for chronic immune-mediated diseases such as IBD, asthma, and multiple sclerosis.

Prior to joining the University of Ottawa, Dr. Raahemi held several research positions in the Telecommunications industry, including Nortel Networks and Alcatel-Lucent, focusing on computer networks architectures, data communications and and services, multimedia communications, high speed scalable routers, Gigabit Ethernet switches, and simulation and performance analysis of data networks.