Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD) Lab

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD) is the nontrivial process of extracting implicit, novel, and useful information from large volume of data. It has emerged as a unique combination of several fields of science and technology including statistics, database systems, computer programming, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. KDD spans a wide range of applications in Engineering (intrusion detection and network security, flow classification, Web mining), business (fraud detection, decision support systems, risk analysis, forecasting market trend), medicine and population health (study of drug implications, disease outbreak), bioinformatics (protein interactions, gene sequence analysis), and environmental science (flood prediction).

The Knowledge Discovery and Data mining research group compromises of graduate students and researchers from multidisciplinary areas of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Systems Science, and E-Business Technologies. Students and researchers from the related fields of Mathematics & Statistics and Health Sciences are also welcome in our research team.

The research projects in the KDD lab focus on the following two main areas:

1- Novel techniques in data analytics and machine learning, as well as emerging applications of data mining and machine learning in engineering, healthcare, and business. In particular, the focal points of the projects are (a) study and development of advanced algorithms for Big data analytics; (b) study and development of advanced algorithms in stream data mining; and (c) emerging applications of data mining and machine learning in the areas of Engineering (network security, intrusion detection), Healthcare (study of health coverage, predicting high-cost patients, and risk of hospitalization), and business (business analytics, fraud detection, risk analysis).

2- Information systems; e-Business; Systems modeling and performance analysis; Data communications networks and services; Service oriented organizations; and applications of information systems in healthcare and business.