Activity 1

Choose the correct response from the drop down menu.
  1. Annotated Statutes are a primary source of law.

    True False

  2. Of the following four approaches, which method IS NOT a legitimate way to locate statutes?

    Locate a statute by title Locate a statute by citation Locate a statute by subject-matter Locate a statute by author

  3. Locating a statute without knowing the citation or title, using only the subject-matter is easy and straightforward

    False True

  4. Why is it important to always note up your legislation?

    The process of noting up a statute can point you to several leading cases that deal with your legal issue Judgments that focus on a particular piece of legislation offer helpful explanations and interpretations of complex statutes and sections The manner in which a statute or section is interpreted by the Court carries significant influence and typically affects the way that statute or section is interpreted in the futureAll of the above

  5. Which of the following sources IS NOT used to note up Ontario legislation?

    The e-Laws government website Quicklaw's QuickCITE feature Westlaw's KeyCite featureCanLIIThe Canadian Statute Citations (a part of the Canadian Abridgment)

  6. You can officially update your Ontario legislation using the Ontario Statute Citator

    True False

  7. The Smoke-Free Ontario Act was enacted in 1994. Where is the printed version of this statute published?

    The Revised Statutes of Ontario (R.S.O.), 1990 The Ontario Statute Citator The Statutes of Ontario (S.O.), 1994 The Revised Regulations of Ontario (R.R.O.), 1990

  8. The Occupier's Liability Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. O.2 has been amended

    True False

  9. Generally speaking, textbooks and treatises are approachable and provide a broad overview and summary of a particular legal subject. It is for this reason that they are an excellent place to begin

    True False

  10. Textbooks and treatises are commonly cited as binding authority

    True False

  11. A great benefit of using the Irwin Law Inc. e-Book Collection is that it allows you to search the entire text of a textbook in PDF format

    True False

  12. Textbooks and treatises are a useful source when it comes to locating case law and legislation. Correct answer:

    True False

  13. Which of the following legal subjects is least likely to be the topic or focus of a textbook or treatise?

    Health Law Environmental Law Domain Name Disputes & "Cybersquatting" Negligence

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