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August 1, 2019 | Pascale, Joint Honours in Anthropology and in Sociology, Uniterra, Nepal, Fair Trade Group, Marketing Intern

And thus, concludes my three months in Nepal. I arrived in Kathmandu in May, and am currently writing this blog post on my final full day in Nepal. My last day of work was yesterday, after which my coworkers took me out for a coffee to see me off. During this past week, I have been very reflective of my time here in Nepal, and my contribution to my partner organization. I specifically sought out a Fair Trade organization for my internship, as I wanted to learn more about the practices of Fair Trade and how they are applied on the ground-level.

I first joined my host organization as a marketing intern, however I was very fortunate to be able to bring in some of my skills in communications into this role. When not working on marketing activities, I focused on communications and photo taking, which consequently positively affected my role as a marketing intern. My biggest achievement with my host organization has been setting up a photo bank for them to use for the upcoming years. My organization has 26 fair-trade partners, which we support in any way we can. Of these 26 members, I had the incredible experience to visit 23 and photograph their producers and products. By doing so, I managed to join both my communications and marketing skills by taking quality photographs which can be used by FTGN for years to come, and will promote each of its member organizations.

I am quite sad to be leaving Nepal now, however am happy with what I was able to accomplish with the time I had and am looking forward to returning to visit in the near future.

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