A well-rounded education on international work

August 2, 2019 | Laura, International Studies and Modern Languages, Uniterra, Vietnam, Vietnam Association of Community Colleges (VACC)- Program Officer

I have had such an amazing time living and working in Hanoi and I’m not ready to leave yet. The past three months have been packed with activities, work, new experiences, and friends. My work with the VACC has allowed me to learn so much about international work, specifically about international education. I was able to work in the many facets of my field of study and I was so grateful for the opportunity to discover what work I was best suited for.

Working with the VACC has been amazing. Through my work I was given the opportunity to travel to Gia Lai province for almost three weeks and help with English courses and international cooperation. While there I taught regular English classes to the teachers of the college to help with English conversation topics. This was my first experience teaching an actual class and it was a great opportunity to learn about teaching from other English teachers working there. At the VACC office in Hanoi I worked with some students in the English club and I was so grateful to have had the opportunity to work as a teacher already because it made me much more confident in my abilities while working with the students.

In Hanoi, I worked a lot on grant proposals, research for international education opportunities, and international cooperation plans. While I enjoyed working with the students and teachers, I liked working on these things more. My partner let me come up with and write grants for my own ideas, and I was able to research things that interest me like education. With the VACC, I received a well-rounded education on international work and types of positions I could have once I graduate and I’m so grateful to now have a better understanding of my own personal goals.

I’ve learned a lot and am so sad to be leaving. I’m very pleased with my work here and very grateful to have had this opportunity.

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