Truly unforgettable

July 29, 2019 | Celeste, International Development and Globalization, Uniterra, Malawi, ArtGlo, Partnership and Networking Officer

I am finishing the last week of my internship in Malawi and these past three months have been absolutely incredible. I have never been so grateful for an experience and for all the people I have met. I am especially thankful for the organization that I had the pleasure of interning at which was the Art and Global Health Center Africa (ArtGlo).

This organization uses participatory arts and innovative methods to create social change in the field of gender, health, youth and human rights. I am amazed by all the employees as they are young, passionate and hard working. I have never been in such an interesting and dynamic workplace where I am constantly learning from my colleagues and the work that I was fortunate enough to partake in. I am so thankful for this organization and how it brought me such amazing people in my life and gave me an opportunity to do work that I am so passionate about. I was fortunate enough to have done fieldwork, which helped me better understand the context of Malawi.

One of the workshops I attended worked with healthcare service students and we discussed the importance of the impartiality of healthcare services and how marginalised groups, such as the LGBTI community, should be provided the same healthcare. It was really interesting to hear the discussion and the different opinions of the students through a political, legal and cultural lense. Some of the tasks that I completed throughout my internship was developing a gender equality policy, creating a partnership assessment framework, and throwing a partnership and networking event to build relationships with organizations that worked in similar fields.

I am extremely sad to leave Malawi as I have developed a life and routine here through the friends I made and the places I go. It has become natural to me to go to the market to do all my groceries, getting AirTel and eating nsima all the time. I also feel that through this experience I have developed independence and confidence in my abilities as I have faced several obstacles that I had to overcome. I feel that this experience has helped me become more resilient and I am so grateful for all that I have been able to encounter.

I am worried about going home as the past three months has changed my habits, my traits and certain things that I am used to and I wonder how this will fit in to my life at home. As I am approaching the end of my internship, I also realize that I may not be able to have a position that I am so passionate about for a while. I truly treasure the experience and look forward to the next time I enjoy a job as much my position at ArtGlo. I know it will be extremely difficult to say goodbye to all the friends I have made knowing I may not see them again. My time in Malawi has been short but truly unforgettable.

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