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August 15, 2018 | Adrienne, Specialization - International Development and Globalization, UNITERRA, Alianza Cacao Peru, Communication and Documentation Officer

Coming home from my time in Peru has been an incredible, if not somewhat overwhelming, experience. In retrospect, now that I’ve completed my placement, what strikes me is how much I learned about gender relations, the organization and about myself. Throughout most of my internship I felt that I was not using my time well. Too much time sitting in the office, not enough opportunities to spend time out in the field learning from those who are actively working on the organizations’ mandate. Even though I would have liked to visit the field more often, I was able to learn by observing workshops, interviewing women for the ‘Success Stories’ project, and just integrating into the organization’s community.

These learning experiences will give me valuable insight throughout my academic future, and the rest of my career. I’ve learned a considerable amount about the type of job I would like to have. In addition, I’ve thought carefully about my soft and hard skills I have and hope to develop further and put to good use, such as problem solving, networking, knowledge of development organizational structures, gender relations and women’s empowerment in rural Peru. Not to forget, and to be learned from, the difficulties of working in developing countries as a foreigner stand out as well.

I chose to participate in this program not just to add more qualifications to my resume, but for personal development. Through all of the ups and downs, the experience did not disappoint in that respect. I learned about being resourceful and persevering, digging deep and pulling out every bit of emotional energy I could muster. Getting out of my comfort zone helped reinforce knowledge I already know about who I am; the skills I have, the kind of work I find satisfying and what helps me get through challenging circumstances. Five years from now, when I look back on this internship, I know I will still feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to learn so much about myself so early on in my life.

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