Trust the process

July 25, 2018 | Marwan, Specialization - International Development and Globalization and Additional Minor - Public Administration, Tanzania, Arusha NGO Network, Research and Advocacy Officer

The country of Tanzania and the city of Arusha itself is extremely beautiful - filled with kind hearted citizens. This experience has far passed my expectations and really allowed me to develop as an individual.

The NGO I work with do research and advocacy focusing on marginalized groups in northern Tanzania. ANGONET have done numerous research in the past, a few of them are on mining and the effect it has with the locals that live near the resource, malnutrition in areas in the northern region with a focus on capacity building and policy advocacy for resource mobilization, and the effect of corporate social responsibility on wildlife tourism and how it lacks transparency and benefit sharing.

I am currently focusing on the research of wildlife tourism and the deficiency of corporate social responsibility (CSR) within the northern region of Tanzania. My duties are to develop a policy brief from the research findings and help schedule a meeting with the tourism board to discuss the issues regarding CSR. In addition, also find techniques to disseminate the policy brief to marginalized citizens in the northern region to inform them of the issue and allow them to be aware.

Although three months did seem long for this internship in a city/country/continent I have never been in, it has inspired me to further travel and experience different countries to enhance my capacity to understand various living standards/norms. Tanzania is definitely a country I recommend people to visit and be mesmerized by the beauty. I have gotten to the point where I consider myself Tanzanian and I am really invested to help incorporate development ideas/projects in the future in the country.

To any future interns…it might seem “scary” and “nerve-racking” to go on an international internship, but just like what Joel Embiid says, “Trust the Process” and you will love the experience and yearn to take on more opportunities of this nature in the future!

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