Experience of a lifetime

July 5, 2018 | Marwan, Specialization - International Development and Globalization and Additional Minor - Public Administration, Tanzania, Arusha NGO Network, Research and Advocacy Officer

I am located in Arusha, Tanzania and I have been here for two months. By far, this has been the greatest experience I have had in my life for numerous reasons. The first reason would be the fact that I am able to work on the field in a developing country and witness the everyday lifestyle from residents of the country. Secondly, it is being able to network with local NGOs in Tanzania and understanding their needs as well as demands. Lastly, it is gaining knowledge and expertise from residents I meet day-to-day.
I meet around five new people each day on my way to work and back home. The conversations we have are great and really stimulate new ways of thinking on how to improve living standards in the country. The main difference I get from being on this international internship compared to being in a classroom, is that I can get multiple incite from citizens in the developing country and increase my knowledge on the barriers they feel that are holding them back.

I believe international development students should highly consider taking international internships because it enhances and develops your thinking processes as well as perception of “development”. In addition, it allows you to mature and become accustomed to new cultures and traditions. Each country is different from another and have different needs and demands. Once you experience the lifestyle (living, work, leisure, etc) you get a general sense of areas where improvements/projects can be successfully implemented.

To any student reading this, do not hesitate to apply for this once in a life time experience. It will only benefit you and allow you to grow as an individual.

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