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August 2, 2016 | Hana, ECH, Alternatives, Maroc - Forum des Alternatives Maroc,

I have been blessed with my job experiences in that I have learned to create my own role, create my own tasks and make my unique skills of use to others. I study human rights and conflict studies but I have an innate passion for numbers and some graphic making competencies. What I learned through my different work experiences is that people generally are not too great with visualizing data and that my skillset is actually really useful and helpful for just about any organization and especially ones that deal with the public and have to distill information. Knowing this after the first couple days passed and I wasn’t given any work I decided to show my superviser some of things I’ve done so he could make use of my graphic design abilities. This then opened a new horizon, giving me work to do, a freedom with my work as my expertise was trusted and proven and work that I genuinely like to do and helps me strengthen my portfolio.

While I understand my situation is a little unique because my skills are a little unique you never know what will be of use to someone and so for those who are finding it hard to get into the flow of work and who don’t really have work to do, try and talk to your supervisor(s) and show them your skills and interests. That way they can find something that’s tailored to you and so you feel of use at your work place.

I have attached one of the graphics I have done. It is a map of Morocco divided by the 12 regions of Morocco that outlines the election observation committee’s observation capacity. The colors represent the percentage of the regions that have observers, the size of the people represent the number of observers and then there are the names of the observer supervisors under the region names. This is only one out 49 different maps I have done since I’ve gotten here.

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