I’ll miss my corn guy

July 27, 2016 | Hana, ECH, Alternatives, Maroc - Forum des Alternatives Maroc,

With only a couple days left I can’t help but noticing the everyday things that brought joy to my Moroccan life. One such this is the feeling of community. Every everyday interaction you have with someone carries some type of warmth, whether you’re buying something, saying hi to someone or getting help to figure out where you’re going. Stores here are not like stores in Canada, prices aren’t fixed, people are animated and want to talk to you. They want to teach you their language and culture, they want to know about your language and culture and all of it is done with genuine interest and a sense of humour.

I could never have anticipated how attached I became to the guy I buy eggs from or the guy I buy fruit from or my personal favorite, and who seemingly disappeared, the corn guy. These people don’t even need to try to talk to me just by virtue of me going to them for my food needs I’ve developed a relationship and an attachment, so much so that If I go to another corn guy it feels like it’s cheating. The juice guy, the laundry guy, the olive guy, the bakery lady, the other bakery lady, the telephone guy and the list goes on. It’s a true sense of community and has helped me integrate into the neighbourhood seamlessly.

Thank you so much wonderful vendors, you made my stay homey and full of joy (not to mention food).

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