In love!

April 27, 2016 | Andrew, POL/HIS Uniterra, Vietnam, Academic and Soft Skills Training Intern Ho Chi Minh City College of Economics (HCE)
I arrived in Vietnam January 10th around 22H00 after three long flights. The “rush to wait” of traveling had put me in a kind of bliss associated to the vulnerability of traveling. Going through customs gave me a good sense of what was to come as the customs officer looked at my visa and passport, nodded and let me through without even asking a question. Everything to come was going to be the opposite of the North American perception that I had arrived with. The first thing that shocked me when stepping out of the airport was the chaos of the streets. Scooters zoomed passed me cutting each other off, which to them seemed normal… I quickly learned that Vietnam was organized around a kind of controlled chaos. The first day was probably the most difficult as I wanted to venture out of my hotel and explore but the chaos of the streets with all the scooters aggressively rushing by made me uncomfortable to even cross the street. Once I began my orientation with my organization i quickly adapted to this controlled chaos. I have now been in Vietnam for five days and it feels like two weeks. I now have no reservation in talking, eating and walking (harder then you think). I have come to adore the chaos of leaving my room in the morning and indulging in the sensory overload of the streets. Vietnam is slowly becoming home away from home.

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