From Intern to Graduate

August 28, 2013 | Julia, DVM, WUSC, Cambodge, IIC University of Technology

When I first found out about the international internship program I thought that there was no better way to finish my final semester at U of O, I was right. This internship has been a whirlwind, its been a lot of challenges, victories, defeats, and a general self discovery. Having been back 3 weeks I realize just how important this experience was for me, with my graduation fast approaching the experience that I got from my trip to Cambodia is as important as all my mandatory credits if not more. What I wanted out of this experience is to be immersed in a culture and to try my hand at development, on the ground, and in a completely new setting. What I get back is so much more than that. Cambodia has been a phenomenal experience that has allowed me to find my own boundaries, and has given me a perspective on what kind of work I hope to be doing in the future. I have met some truly unbelievable people, have gotten to see an unfathomably stunning country and culture to which I hope to return in the future as an expat. Having had time to reflect on my experience I know that it has been one of a kind. I have been truly blessed to have participated in this program and will transfer my newfound knowledge into my day to day life as well as my future career aspirations.

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