Mid Internship Progress Report

July 17, 2013 | Julia, DVM, WUSC, Cambodge, IIC University of Technology

Having completed over half of my internship I am pleased to report that my experience has only been getting better since my arrival. After the initial confusion and the back and forth trying to figure out where my place as an intern was with time it became apparent that trust was built with time. I began working right away on small projects such as the handbook, and teaching my own class 5 days a week and am now working on capacity building workshops for staff, as well as developing and aiding in course amendment for the following term. It would appear that while at the beginning of my internship I was looking for things to do at this point I am looking for a way to do all the work that I’ve taken on. My position here at IIC University seems more established and I finally feel like my contribution here is worthwhile.

The thing that I find most satisfying however is the personal relationships that I have cultivated with many of the staff here, it makes work far more enjoyable. Also I’ve grown to really care about all my students and really hope that the speaking club that I’ve worked hard to incorporate into the academic scene here continues as I believe there is still much work to be done in regard to both equal gender participation and language development. How much I love teaching really struck me as it had never really been something I considered in the past as a potential career path, now however its my favourite part of the day.

They say Cambodia is the land of 1,000 smiles, and I really do believe that. My colleagues and students have welcomed me with open arms, and leaving them and Cambodia will be a great challenge.

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