Salam dari Malaysia!

November 1, 2012 | Natasha, DVM, AFS, Malaisie, Science of Life Studies

I still cannot believe that I have been in Kuala Lumpur for over six weeks now! The time has flown by so quickly and still feel that I haven’t taken it all in yet. Over six weeks and today I feel most ready to share my experiences about my time here. This might seem peculiar to some that I waited this long for my first blog entry but its due to this simple reason; lack of real inspiration. By working in an office Monday to Friday from 9-6pm on my laptop working on everything related to social media, I felt a lack of inspiration to report about my internship experience. Although I have learned so much at SOLS 24/7 (Science of Life Studies) concerning launching projects and all the hard work behind it, which is a true asset, I had anticipated when coming here that I would be immersed in a sea of raw emotions and culture as I would connect with the very same people with whom my work focuses on.

Although my initial intentions were pure, I did not really feel true connections because I work in an office as oppose to directly in the field.

I know that I chose my internship based on the communications position, which I really like, however as I entered through the work doors every morning in my office attire with my tea cup in hand and settled into my chair, my permanent spot for eight hours, I could not help but question if my work would truly impact anyone. Perhaps it was the over twenty something volunteers/staff buried in their laptops and headphones or the stern looks on everyone’s faces as they were challenged by deadlines and pressure to prove themselves for each of their counterparts, that gave it less of an NGO feel. This is how I felt until now!

My outlook has changed since I was asked to go along on a project with one of the Malaysian volunteers to write project report and an article for their website and newsletter.

Not only was I reporting the story, I took part in picking up donated vegetables from a market and distributing them to orphanages, community centers and to underprivileged families door by door. The children’s smiles in the orphanages and the families’ gratitude as we filled up buckets and pots of veggies for them that would last their family of at least six for a week, were phenomenal experiences. It put me back into perspective reasoning with myself that even if I am working on one indirect aspect in any organization, I’m helping with keeping the wheels in motion that are driving positive impacts to those in need. So that’s the only driving force I need to continue doing my best at SOLS 24/7! It will not be long before my next blog with my new found inspiration!
Terima Kasih! (Thank you)

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