August 15, 2011 | Sarah, PSY, Shared World, Zambia

As part of our research we are meeting with other OVC program directors in and around Chazanga to understand some of the challenges they face. Today we met with Paul Banda from Mwazini and also with SOS. It was incredible to go to SOS.  It was the first time in the whole trip that I saw kids being kids. Young girls and boys just spending time with their peers, laughing, singing. It was beautiful. We met the head social worker and she was very informed on everything to do with SOS. This facility is right in the heart of Chazanga surrounded by brick walls covered in barb wire. This is typical of most places in Lusaka. People living in nice homes are surrounded by a fence with barbed wired or even worse, shards of glass. 



We also worked on interview guides for caregivers. The caregivers play one of the most important roles at Bwafwano. They identify OVCs in the community, bringing them to the attention of Bwafwano.



 I have so much to say about this week as well. Its been a very busy one. On Monday it rained! It was a moment here in Lusaka because it never rains during the winter months! After talking about it for a while we finally made the decision to walk to work. It had stopped raining by this point. We were all very tired and it was clear by our moods when we arrived to work. It is difficult sometimes to work in a large group but the benefits definitely out way the downfalls. I think that I have learned a lot about teamwork and organization. More than I have before. We organized our schedule for the week and decided that we should work on the WPD on Tuesday and then start with the recommendations. That afternoon was productive but at the same time we were all just very tired. On a positive note, I believe I got my book from Caro. I dove into it right away and I haven’t been able to stear away from it since. Its captivating. It reminds me that everyone, every single person I meet in this life has a story, has something they carry with them, big or small it makes little difference. What makes a difference is the patience you show towards others.

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