A Perfect Moment

March 30, 2011 | Emily, DVM Program, Intern, Cambodia Fishery Action Coalition Team

Have you ever had a perfect moment? Not the kind of moment that is meant to be perfect but rather one that you just stubble upon. I experienced this moment the other day while here in Phnom Penh.

Phnom Penh is a continuing growing city that is full of life. There are young people everywhere, enjoying food and drinks or just chatting outside. Often in the Evening there is one place in particular I enjoy spending my time, it is in front of the Vietnam - Cambodia friendship monument, right across from the Hong Kong Center. From the hours of 5 pm to 10 pm, this beautiful outside park area floods with people enjoying themselves. There are families, old and young, participating in soccer, badminton and my favourite evening activity synchronized, choreographed dancing, as they call aerobics, but not like any aerobics from home, it is taken straight from the music videos of Korean pop singers. Hundreds of people stand in lines and follow the dance routines while listening to huge sounds systems that have been brought by an individual.

One evening I was dancing with a few of my friends I have met here in Cambodia, it was fairly hot outside, as the rainy season is fast approaching, so we were breaking out quite a sweat. Suddenly the leader of the dance came on the microphone and announced the dance was finished for today, I thought to myself and looked down at my cell phone to check, it was a bit early to finish the dance but never the less I would head home and get to bed early. When I looked back up I realized everyone was forming a circle! Everyone knew exactly what to do, some people were gathering chairs, and others were nudging their way to the front of the circle. I was curious, joined the circle and waited in anticipation for what would happen next? The Music began to play again and two young guys, of whom I recognized as good dancers from the previous nights, entered the center of the circle and began the dance battle.

It is incredible, the way these guys could move, everyone watched in awe, the younger girls screamed and cheers with excitement and as I looked around at the people, everyone had a big smile on their face. At this moment I loved everything about this city, I want to take a big breath of the entire city! Seeing these dancers and young happy people and being surrounded by friends, I have really meet great people in Cambodia and loved being part of this crazy scene, this moment made me feel ALIVE and that is what made it so perfect!

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