The Launching of the Urban Wash Consortium programme in Freetown

December 16, 2010 | Matilda, MA in Globalization and International Development, Intern, Sierra Leone 50/50 Group

On the 26th October, 2010 the 50/50 group Freetown was invited to the lunching of the Urban Wash (water, Sanitization and hygiene) consortium programme Sierra Leone.

The occasion was marked by the presence of the Vice President of the nation, Hon. Alhaji Sumana. The main aim of the wash programme in Sierra Leone is for communities in the city and its surrounding areas to get proper access to sanitary facilities and clean water. To show the depth of the problem a short clip was showed to the audience that demonstrated an unstoppable development of slums within the city. In addition, many observed that the construction of the American embassy created of rush in the building of houses on the hills of Freetown that resulting in not only environmental degradation but also that of the life’s of endangered spices.

It was notes that sub-Sahara Africa is unable to meet its MDG goals of water and sanitization. More specifically, to Sierra Leone, only 30% of the city has access to wash facilities. Thus one of the objectives of the consortium is the help the Sierra Leone government realize its wash MDG goal. Subsequently, it was also noted that 97% of the Forest is at risk and that past plans of the city did not take into account future growth in population, thus the landscaping of the city led to an unfit location of the city’s waist. It is believed that the implementation and good management of the wash programme will help decrease and eliminate some of these problems. It was proposed that some of these problems will be resolved through community base education, enhancement of the health conditions of the most vulnerable group in the population (ie: handicaps and children). The sensitization of these groups the consortium believes will help in strengthening current environmental degradation faces by Sierra Leone.

In partnership with the government of Sierra Leone, and five international agencies – Oxfarm, Concern worldwide, Goal, ACF and Save the Children, DFID commitment in financial support of the program was reaffirmed my the president of the organization. However, he also noted that DFID’s pledged to lean support to the materialization and success of this project over a 5 years period should not mark the end of the program, as Sierra Leone’s resources should be able to fund such programs.

Question of reflection for the 50/50 Group

What does the implementation of this program means from women, the girl child and the achievement of some of the 50/50 goals.

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