My journey from London to Sierra Leone and my first day at work

December 16, 2010 | Matilda, MA in Globalization and International Development, Intern, Sierra Leone 50/50 Group

The city of London was in rains when the aircraft landed. This was not an unusual site as this city is known for its rains. Once in London, I was schedule to take a 6 hours non-stop flight to Freetown, my final destination and this was after a 9hours flight from Ottawa and a 6 hours transit. Though the traveling and waiting time were long, I was very much excited about my trip. However, once onboard the flight, and mid-way in the air, the pilots announced that the plane will have to make a stop for fuel in Spain. Now you must know that London- Freetown is a direct route, whereas Spain-Freetown requires a detour. As I sat in my chair the only question that kept coming to my mind is: given what we know about climate change and its effect on the environment, why do we still insist on depositing harmful carbon footprints that will not destroy our generation but that of the next. There was no reason why that plain could not have been fuelled in London before departure, how much money could the airline company have saved in making that detour to Spain to fuel, and add an additional 3hours on an already long journey. Did the means justify the end? This however was not the first or the last; I would have to ask myself, do people have any idea about the importance of time.

Interesting people and concept: time is not important, showing up is what matters: My first day at work was an interesting one. I was told to show up at a place where apparently, some organizations were to commemorate breast cancer month. I was very excited to be granted the opportunity to take part in such an important cause. I got the venue on time waiting for the coordinator of the organization I was working with as they are to introduce me to the rest of the group. 2 hours after the programme was to have started, representative of the organization arrived, they did not ask of my or call my phone to see where I was. I was standing close by and overheard others saying that the event had be cancelled at the eleventh hour. These people just went back into these cars a drove away. Not knowing who they were after few hours I called one of their numbers to find out if they were alright and were they were, only to be told they had just left the venue. Now the most interesting, after telling them the duration of hours I have been standing at the venue waiting on them, one of they said to me in apologising, time is does not matter, showing up is what matters.

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