Nearly end of Work Term

March 31, 2009 | Rachel, Intern, Government Department processing Maori Land Applications

My work term is coming to an end! One week from tomorrow will be my final day as an intern at the Waitangi Tribunal. Although I have gotten used to living in the city and working every weekday, it will be a really nice change to begin my travels to the South Island, followed by Melbourne, next week.

One of the final projects I have been working on is with a senior colleague named Barry. Barry took me under his wing and spent much time explaining and dissecting for me (sometimes in a slightly complicated manor) his topic of research. Basically Barry was focused upon a very significant figure of New Zealand history named James Busby. Busby wrote much correspondence to the Colonial Offices prior to the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, so I have spent some hours transcribing old English texts into document registers.

One aspect of this position that I have really enjoyed are the weekly Maori singing classes - ‘Waiata’ (means ’song’ in Maori). Wednesday mornings a few tribunal members group together and receive singing lessongs from traditional Maori songs by a Maori man. He also gives language lessons after singing, which I tried one week and really enjoyed!

This week I am mostly focusing on completing my report for this course. It’s a long task but I’m enjoying reviewing the term piece by piece.


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