First Week in Wellington

January 31, 2009 | Rachel, Intern, Government Department processing Maori Land Applications

Hi! My name is Rachel and I’m in my third year at the university. Since I’m also in the coop program I decided to do my second placement away from Ottawa - in Wellington, New Zealand. I arrived here on Monday and although I’ve been in the city for less than a week I already feel pretty well adjusted! I don’t start my placement until Monday February 2nd, but I decided to come a week early in order to get a good feel of the city and attempt to conquer the time difference.

So far I’ve done a lot of ‘touristy’ things - I took a tour around the city and the bay and got to see some great views along the coastline (as well as learnt some interesting facts about the filming of the Lord of The Rings Trilogy), took the cable car, visited the Te Papa Museum (New Zealand’s national one), got a pass at the local swimming pool, explore the Botanic Gardens, just to name a few. Today I went to the beach and definitely over did it, especially coming from the snowy land of Canada! I don’t know an awful lot about the type of work I’ll be doing other than that it is with the Waitangi Tribunal and the department that I’m in deals with Maori land claims. I hope to find it interesting since last placement I worked in the land claims section of Indian and Northern Affairs in Gatineau, also my Major is Anthropology and my Minor is Aboriginal Studies. I’ll be sure to give this blog an update once I’ve begun next week.

Lovely to read about everyone’s travels and I’ll check back often for updates!

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